$150.00   6 man raft

$140.00   6 man raft when renting 4 or more (Prepaid Reservation required)

$200.00  8 man raft

$250.00  10 man raft

$375.00  15 man raft (The Party Barge)

8, 10 and 15 man rafts will float the lower float. We can arrange larger rafts to do the upstream float if water levels permit. 



$35.00   4 - 8 miles 

(4 - 5 hours depending on mother nature)

$45.00   12 miles (the whole river) 

(6 - 8 hours depending on mother nature)



$50.00   4 - 8 miles

(4 - 5 hours depending on mother nature)

$45.00   if renting 8 or more canoes (reservation required)

$60.00   12 miles (the whole river)

(6 - 8 hours depending on mother nature)

All canoes are priced for 2 people, to add a 3rd person to the canoe it is an additional $25. We do not allow any more than 3 bodies in a canoe.


Personal Watercraft Shuttles

$20 per person  This is a ride on the bus from our downstream location back to Elk  River  Campground where you left your boat, so you can still float back to your car.

Boat Shuttles and Vehicle Shuttles range in price depending on group size and if your group is renting from us or not. Please call for a quote.


Over Night Floating

Wanting to make your float last two days, or maybe you are wanting to try out several camp spots? Whether you are roughing it on a gravel bar, or checking in to your campsite from the river at one of or midstream or downstream campgrounds, we can make it happen.